Welcome to Solar Premium

Solar Premium is an exclusive distributor of an innovative manufacturer of solar lights accredited by ISO9001, ISO4001 , ISO45001, BSCI etc. We are dedicated in supplying durable quality solar lights for domestic use and solar street lighting project. We are the pioneer of the solar lighting industry with advanced and futuristic concepts and won a high reputation from the international market.

Why Choose Solar Premium?

Professional Support

Solar Premium PTY LTD team offers the highest level of professional and technical support for pre and after sales service. Solar Premium PTY LTD team is well trained and experienced in high quality solar lighting and solar power systems. We are ready to provide you with competitive pricing and reliable quality.

Innovative Products

We are constantly updating and improving our products to ensure we are in the best position to accelerate new technologies as they emerge, and to serve our customers. We are motivated and inspired by how our valued customers use our highly engineered products to find creative solutions to complex problems, develop breakthrough scientific advancements, and to stay ahead of technological curve.

Territory Protection

We maintain innovation as the focal point of our corporate mission and strive to provide state of the art products and solutions that help our customers pioneer into the future.

Solar Premium has exclusive rights all over South Africa and New Zealand.

2021 Dubai Expo

After several months of bidding and many times of communication with the project party, in the face of strong competition from a number of peer companies from Europe and the United States, our products won the project by vertical solar street lights which have the best stability and design. 2021 Dubai World Expo is a global case that promotes the introduction of solar lighting products to more mid-to-high-end customers.

Project in Erbil, Iraq

After years of hard work, solar street lights obtain the highest quality reputation in Iraq. In July 2021, the Chinese Consulate General in Iraq donated hundreds of sets of solar street lights to the Erbil municipal government as a gift for the construction of the Belt and Road initiative. On 27 September, The Kurdistan leaders and The Chinese ambassadors attended the handover ceremony of the solar street light project.

Supplying to UNHCR

More than 20000 sets of solar street lights for UNHCR’s projects in different countries and regions. Including Syria, Bangladesh, Jordan etc. Solar street lights provide stable and continuous lighting services to light up the areas where their is a lack of electricity. The most stable quality os the reason why UNHCR and other government clients trust Auroras.