Integrated Solar Street Lights

TITAN is the latest design series of all In one solar street lights that adopts the classical concept of ‘All In One’ and module structure, which offers extremely effective illumination for a wide range of applications. It’s based upon ‘reliability’ and ‘easier to installation’ as all components are integrated into one housing. TITAN is adopting quality aluminum die casting housing instead of aluminum alloy which has better wind-resistant performance and reaches a high IK level with aesthetic appearance. PIR motion sensor is equipped to save more energy. TITAN is suitable to be installed in parks, pathways, etc, good to be installed on poles from 5 meters to 10 meters.

PIR Motion Sensor

PIR Motion Sensor with up to 10m wide range human body infrared rays detector – it gathers automatic convenient, safe energy saving, functions.

MPPT Controller

Smart solar charge controller with LED driver inbuilt with multi-period control, charging and discharge efficiency more than 97%. IP67 waterproof and high-temp resistant.

LED Optics

120° *70° degrees beam angles light utilization more than 70% for street applications light transmittance 92%, antti-UV, IP65 dust-proof & waterproof.

Lithium Battery Pack

Battery bank will be providing as per customer requirements and project conditions. Lithium ion battery long life up to 2000 circles ( 8 to 10 years) withstand high temperature.

Main Specifications